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Blog 2

Yesterday, went on what I thought would be an easy walk to view a water fall that I found while looking for a new location to walk. After, parking and speaking with the park ranger to our surprise the entire trip would take us 3 miles.

Still very unsure of what was a head of us thus began the journey up the hill. After we began walking up the hill though all its many turns we ran into a lovely couple who asked if it was our first time visiting. The gentleman then informed us that we had to walk up and down 88 steps and that it was Worth It!

Before we even reached the steps I often considered turning back around this hike was hard, but I kept replaying what the gentleman said it was Worth It!

After, many twist and turns, ups and downs, counting those 88 steps twice the view and the sound of the waterfall was indeed Worth It!

How many times have we set out to start a new opportunity, a craft, business, blog, remodel our home, lose weight, cook a new dish, etc. only to get discouraged and want to stop. Don’t stop, keep going its Worth It!


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