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Blog 6

Like many of you during this pandemic I have had some time to do several things on my to-do list. For instance, go through old mail, clean out my Sunday School bag, try several new recipes and a few other things.

However, the thing I have been most excited about over the last three-four days is playing in make-up. Yes, you read correctly at 40 plus years old I am playing in make-up. Growing up I would watch my mother sit at the kitchen table to put her contacts in and sometimes make-up before going out. To know my mother is to know even today she still only wears it on rare occasions. Therefore, in my mother's image I am pretty much the same, hence the playing.

With excitement, over the past couple of weeks I have watched several tutorials, and with confidence I ordered a new eye shadow pallet and a few other items I needed for my new adventure. Thus, my adventure began on this past Friday. I initially tried to follow along with a makeup tutorial on YouTube. However, I felt the young lady was going too fast. So I did what I thought she said and once I was finished I texted my picture to several people. After, receiving good reviews I called my friend whom is a makeup artist. With patience she helped me via FaceTime. I realized what I needed in help and direction was available to me the entire time.

For months I have wanted to learn to do use eye shadow correctly. How often do we want to learn a new craft, cook a certain dish, start a business, watch a movie, need some type of help or encouragement, etc. only to discover what we needed was present all along?

I shared my makeup adventure to say this. Sometimes what we need God has placed right before us. If we slow down just a little, share with others and/or most of all pray for direction we will see that we have all we need.

What are you wanting to learn and who is available with the skill or knowledge you need to get started?


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