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Blog 4

I recently had a disagreement with one of my daughters while I do not remember what the disagreement was about there was one thing she said that stood out. She said, I was always hiding and I always kept things to myself to handle alone. In other words by the definition of hiding she was saying, I always keep my feelings a secret. Her words stung and I began to realize just how much I was hurting not only our relationship, but also my relationship with my two other adult daughters as well.

Somewhere in my youth I learned to hide my feelings under lock and a key. My feelings where my secret alone! There so many other forms of secrets that are equally as hurtful like lying to a spouse, children, employee, etc. withholding information for fear of judgement, sharing a friend’s confidential information with another person, etc. This list can go on and on. It is okay to keep things to ourselves but if it’s at the cost of hurting ourselves or others it may be beneficial to stop hiding and share our secret.


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