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After being married for 15 years and our divorce being final in September 2016, I began to think about what I desired to do next. I began to remember some things God had put in my heart and in February 2017 I began brainstorming names and writing out the things God was showing me. I decided to give myself one year to hold my first Brunch and Talk, where women of all ages could come together, share a meal and lovingly encourage one another. Our time together would also allow me to provide a little bit of “me time” for them. I realized as a mom how much I enjoyed stepping away for a few hours every so often to be refreshed and that was and is still my heart’s desire. Nit’s Brunch and Talk has a theme every gathering, that our girl talk centers around. I am looking forward to seeing how God grows this vision of blessing, encouraging and loving on other women.


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Like many of you during this pandemic I have had some time to do several things on my to-do list. For instance, go through old mail, clean out my Sunday School bag, try several new recipes and a few o

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